The surprising habits of ‘consumer men’ in the media and social networks

In recent months the shopping habits of men compared to women have been the subject of a thorough analysis. The latest report reveals some surprising facts that contradict traditional beliefs about buying habits.

A study conducted by ROI Research for the marketing company Performics has found that men are more likely to use social networks to buy and research previously on the network.

The study of 1,000 active users in social networks who have used them “at least once in a while in the purchasing process” has shown that men search more frequently for information, compare products, read comments, availability and They obtain information from the store through social networks, shopping centers and other sites.

Women, on the other hand, are much more inclined to search for offers, coupons and special promotions on social sites.

Dana Todd, senior vice president of marketing and business development at Performics, revealed that “women control 80% of household spending, so it may be surprising for some, to see men play a more dominant role in buying and the research process. ”

The main conclusions of the Performics study indicate that more than half (57%) of men seek offers on social networks, compared to 40% of women.

63% of men use shopping sites compared to 52% of women, while 54% of men use social networks to search for products compared to 43% of women.

62% of men compare products at shopping sites compared to 50% of women and 56% of men compare products versus 41% of women.

Men are more likely to use their mobile devices in stores to compare prices – 62% vs. 50%, and are also more likely to visit a company or brand page on social media – 71% vs. 64% . – However, women are more likely to click “Like” after visiting a page (78% vs. 72%).

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