What to include on a school website

If you have been tasked with finding content for a new website for your school, it can take time to decide what should be included. Here are some general guidelines of information that should appear on a school website:

  • Ofsted requirements

Before Ofsted carries out an inspection, they will check a school’s website and have a list of specific criteria that must be met. The bare minimum includes prior Ofsted reports, contact details, SEN information, sports and PE provision, behaviour policy, curriculum, and admissions, to name just a few.

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  • Photographs

Humans are visual creatures and will be drawn to the images you use. Make sure you use professional photographs showing a range of school activities. First impressions are crucial; parents want to see happy children and clean and organised surroundings.

  • A calendar

Parents often need to find out when an event or activity is scheduled. Even though emails and letters get sent home, an excellent way to ensure the information is accessible for all at any time is to have a page dedicated to the school’s calendar. For advice on creating Primary School Websites, go to www.fsedesign.co.uk/websites-for-schools/primary-school-websites/

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  • Newsletter

This is a helpful way to keep everyone updated with news and pictures of what’s been happening around the school. A PDF can be added to the website even if a paper copy is sent home.

  • Contact Form

A simple and quick way for parents and prospective parents to ask questions and make inquiries is a must for a school website.

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