For whom do we write a Website?

The search to gain a better position in Google, also known as SEO (for its acronym in English: Search Engine Optimization). It is generating that many Web developers worry more about finding a space between the first results of a search than in the text for the user of the Website.

This is due to the fact that the Google search engine evaluates and classifies Web pages with hundreds of algorithms (more than 200 are calculated), one of the main ones is an algorithm that takes texts as a variable. For example: Surely a Web site with a specific theme that contains simple, readable and user-friendly (human) texts will have a better place against a Web site of the same subject with more complex wordplay, double meanings, ironies, etc.
To obtain a balance, it is also awarded by Google, that is to say that Google will take as a variable the relation that is kept between a ?? written text for the users?? and a written text for Google’s robots.
Then, the question arises: Will the humorous or creative texts be destined to printed material? Google does not understand the jokes ?? said actor Matthew Crowley, and he’s not wrong. It puts us in the situation of having to choose between a exposure? on Google and a nice site for users.
But the questions that all Digital Marketing professionals must ask themselves before launching any strategy is what are my objectives? Probably the first answer will be: Sell more my product, interact more effectively with my customers, etc. So, if the objectives are always related to the client (a human), am I willing to resign an effective commercial relationship by winning some positions in Google?
While it is true that the first 5 pages of the list of results are those that attract traffic, it is also true that the bounce rate is very high and the disappointment suffered by our user to find a Web difficult to navigate, an unattractive text and readable, and even worse if we are not clear on what we want to communicate.
In my opinion: Do not forget that the sites are always directed to the final user and not Google bots.
There are other SEO techniques, and are built over time and with effort, I do not think it is necessary (much less effective) to fill our text with bold, repeat words, etc. That text will end up being, probably, a horrible collage of words, effective for Google but sadly discouraging for our user.
Communicators to communicate!

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