What’s the value of  Copper?

Copper is one of the most useful metals that human beings can use. It is used in electrics and plumbing due to its lack of corroding and it conducts electricity. For example, 6mm Copper Pipe can be used for a variety of uses. https://watkinspowis.co.uk/products/copper-pipe-fittings-and-press-systems proved the perfect examples. Put together the pipes are used mostly for the transference of hot water. This is mainly for the purposes of showers, baths and central heating.

Copper itself has a huge intrinsic value. It is valued on the market the same as gold, silver and steel is. Like all commodities, this value can go up or down. It’s traded in the largest markets. The London metal exchange, the New York mercantile exchange and the Shanghai futures exchange. Analysts watch these markets closely to make sure it’s the right time to buy and sell. The value is also dependent on the supply from the mines. The largest mines are located in  Chile and Mexico. The Americas hold the greatest amount of copper and there is rumoured to be hundreds of years worth of supply. This will keep the value of the metal suitable buoyant.

Torch solders copper pipe

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At the moment a ton of copper will cost you $9,678, but it has been over ten thousand in the past. However, it should be noted that a ton of copper is quite a considerable amount for some to shift.

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