UK still leads the way in specialist engineering

When it comes to engineering capabilities, the UK still leads the way against its global competitors. British engineers are in high demand across the world for their extensive skills and the UK industry attracts highly-qualified workers from overseas who are looking to develop their experience. Innovative new technologies and the ability to expand into new markets mean that the UK’s specialist engineering industry is still in high demand.

UK still leads the way in specialist engineering

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Growth areas

The specialist engineering sector covers an extensive number of areas, which means there is huge potential for growth. Engineers are vital across the economy, from civil engineers and electrical engineers through to automotive engineers and defence engineers. These engineers work to create state-of-the-art equipment and technologies that help to improve the lives of everyone concerned.

The growth of the specialist engineering sector does not just benefit those who are creating the finished products but also impacts positively on businesses that supply the required machines and materials, such as those concerned with precision engineering in Sussex.

Over the next few years, fuel is one of the areas within the UK’s engineering industry that will see extensive growth. Demand for this is set to grow by around 40% in the coming years, with the development of the fracking industry and an increase in North Sea gas production. There will also be an increase in the need for nuclear power, which is a sector that the UK is particularly skilled in.

New markets

In addition to working in the UK market, British engineers and companies such as are moving into new markets that have recently opened up. This includes parts of the world that were once seen as no-go countries, including areas in sub-Saharan Africa. These areas are desperate for highly-qualified engineers, with those who have trained in Britain seen as some of the best in the world.

The UK has a global reputation for being responsible for great discoveries, innovations and scientific work. The basis for the UK economy is moving away from the financial sector and is starting to be dominated more by the engineering industry. This is increasing the need for engineers and means that Britain is leading the way when it comes to engineering talent. This reputation is opening up opportunities for our engineers in overseas markets, spreading the talent pool further.

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