Tips to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

If you’re looking for tips to help your phone’s battery last longer, there are many things you can do. Many mobile phones use battery-draining features that you can easily disable. Here are some of them. Keeping the phone at a cool room temperature is a great way to prevent your battery from being drained too quickly. Turn off voice controls, especially those with location capabilities. Voice-controlled personal assistants are a major battery drain. Try switching to Google or Siri for voice-activated apps.

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Make sure you are closing down applications fully when not in use. You could have a lot running in the background without realising which drains your battery life significantly. For advice on all things mobile, go to Vodafone Store Ireland like King Communications

Keeping the screen off is another way to extend your battery life. This is particularly helpful if your phone’s screen is draining your battery. If you are using it to read emails or use a social media app, make sure you turn the screen brightness down. If your phone’s screen is constantly on, you may want to check the screen timeout setting. The shorter the timeout, the better.

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If you’re on a budget, consider lowering the brightness on your phone. The screen brightness can affect battery life, and lowering the brightness can make your phone’s battery last longer. You can even disable auto-brightness to dim the screen when the battery level gets low. Using an original manufacturer’s charger instead of an adapter can help.


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