How to study by using your smartphone?

We live in a world dominated by technology and it’s a mere understatement when we account for the massive amount of change the internet and computers have brought into our lives. We have gone from the beings that used to travel for days to get from one place to another just to get some bread from people who can order all sorts of things whenever they want and most importantly from wherever they want. All the luxuries that we today take for granted have only been made a part of our lives because of the advancements that our world has seen in the fields of technology and specifically the internet.

There are a lot of different ways you can change your life if you are very good at making apt use of the internet and the vast sea of information that it encompasses. For students too, there is a big opportunity available to gather as much information as they can without having to scamper to libraries for research papers, books and what not. There are all sorts of lectures, videos and even tutorials available for students to benefit from and lately there has been a trend of online courses that are complete and replicate what we study in school and most of the times these courses are free; which is a cherry on the top. So the point being that if we manage and use our time in the best way possible and not just socialize over the internet, we can actually become more educated and more dignified too in the process. Let’s then specifically look at a few ways we can actually increase our knowledge by browsing through online websites: 

Image Source: Google Image

Image Source: Google Image


When we read, we grasp some of what was tried to be conveyed, but when we hear we tend to grasp a lot more, researches have shown. There are a lot of different video hosting websites with an enormous amount of data all ready to be watched if a person is willing to spend their time in educating themselves. Miss a lecture? No problem. Need to learn a new computer programming language? Not a problem either, grab your laptop, get your learning boots on, switch on the Wi-Fi router and the path gets paved.


Research papers are the hardest to get and university students will know. In the older generations, you had to browse through the lot at the library, but now all you have to do is find the best assignment service online and ask them for whatever you need.


Soft copies of almost all the books that used to be so hard to get your hands on are mostly available on the internet. IF you know how to search properly you will get your hands on one in no time.


Lastly, if something is bugging you or if you need an answer to a question that you deem is important, then to the internet is your savior and all you have to do is ask.

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