A nine year old boy receives a bionic arm capable of grasping things using gestures

Josh Cathcart was born without a right arm, which has hampered him perform some tasks in their daily lives. Recently, at the age of nine, he received a bionic arm to have a new right. It is not implant to use as the company that has developed is a pioneer in creating arms that allow grasping objects.

TechnologyThe arm, as explained, is functional and allows Cathcart picking up small objects, cutting with a knife, open doors and stack objects construction toys. A step forward because so far only with Touch Bionics i-limbs has achieved market bionic arms capable of such functions.


To enable different types of grips, the implant carrier must make a gesture to perform each action. Recognition of gestures is done through a series of electrodes that are connected to the skin of the arm ends where no shapes of the person.

As the child explains, the arm is somewhat heavy but do not forget who is nine years old and grows as that weight will become more bearable. Some research by the manufacturer’s website we discovered that the weight varies depending on the model but most walk at a weight of around half a kilo.

Within a year, the connector to be changing the prosthesis and to fit the size of the child will adapt. The model used ( quantum ) began marketing last June, it consumes 30% less than previous models and the battery has 50% more capacity. Unfortunately there is no more data to compare and see what offers this prosthesis.

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