Why do each brand needs personalized marketing in Social Media?

We love our smartphones, laptops, tablets, but while the new technology is exciting and unstoppable as a consumer, it also presents new challenges for brands.

In the early days of online marketing, you could simply create a website, its content and little more …

Now, Internet users also access from mobile devices, we have our own customization options, we have acquired more experience and chances are that we will not appear on a website by chance.

For this reason, it is so important for brands to present their content on social platforms. We must be able to make our content known not only from our websites!

Why do each brand needs personalized marketing in Social MediaPlease note that Internet users spend time :

  •  22 percent on social networks
  •  21 percent on searches
  •  20 percent in navigation content
  •  19 percent reading emails
  •  13 percent in multimedia sites
  •  5 percent in online shopping

With this behavior we make users so diversified, across so many platforms, does it make sense to diversify the content in the same way?

Unfortunately, publish content in this variety of platforms requires time and strategic planning. To try to alleviate this problem, many brands rely on content self-publishing to automate these tasks on social platforms.

Users use many social platforms, however when we talk about specific users, we know that everyone has their preferences: there are users who love twitter that do not go through facebook, others who spend most of their time on Facebook, and so with each network Social, blog preference and a long etcetera.

  • Do you really think that a facebook user likes to find hashtags in a post?
  • Do you know that the use of automatic content publishing can reduce social media tracking by up to 70 percent?
  • Also, it considers that the proportion of impressions of contents in social means against actions is of 9 to 1.

When you consider all the statistics, you realize that social media marketing is not going to be anything easy, it is not at all easy, as users continue to disperse into different niches.

That is why brands should focus their efforts on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest.

While Internet users are continually surfing the web wherever they want, each social network unites users around specific characteristics.

And yes,  social media marketing is very effective:

77 percent of end-user (b2c) companies have gained new customers through their presence on Facebook.

  • 43 percent of companies whose clients are other companies (b2b) have won business through Facebook.
  • 34 percent of businesses say they have generated contacts through Twitter.

What does this mean?

With such diverse audiences, we know that social media marketing is the best way to reach a large number of consumers. However, with so many platforms, it is tempting to automate social media marketing to save time and publish in more places. But it is the worst strategy possible.

Brands should use personalized campaigns on social networks. By specifically targeting users on Facebook, Twitter and other platforms, content effectiveness is being maximized. Not only do you see a higher ROI (return on investment), but it also creates a greater online presence of your business and also closer.

Yes, custom content requires more time and even greater investment, but it works.

The data show that the messages that are more interesting and that adapt clearly to each platform, increase both the visibility of the post itself and visits to the page.

Remember: the creative and personalized content on social networks affect the results of online marketing :

  • Greater commitment to the customer
  • Increased customer commitment
  • Greater reach
  • Greater confidence
  • Top traffic
  • Greater conversion for sale

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