When and how to motivate employees to participate in Social Media?

Many companies have already committed to incorporating Social Media into their marketing objectives and strategies, and it is possible that they have hired professionals or specialized agencies to outsource the management of shares through this type of media.

However, there is a fundamental aspect to take into account, and that is that a large majority of employees of these companies do not seem to have an active role in these initiatives. This is because companies have not correctly motivated their workers to do so. If employees are motivated, they can become authentic allies for your business and brand.

One very important thing that must be taken into account before carrying out this initiative and requesting their participation, is that it is especially necessary to have a clear and perfectly defined policy on acting in social media. And for this it is very important to establish guidelines for what is considered acceptable or unacceptable social behavior.

Here we highlight some ways to motivate employees to participate in the strategies and actions of the company in Social Media:

Education is the key.   First of all, it is necessary to provide your employees with training on what Social Media really is and how Marketing strategies work through this type of media. They need to understand what their goals and objectives are and how they plan to achieve them. Because the social media have a rapidly changing and evolving nature, one of the most recommended options is to hire or have the services of a consultant or external agency to carry out this task of initial education. Employees need to have a good understanding of how social media works for businesses before they start thinking about ideas about what they can do to help.

Train employees to have something to say about social media strategies. During company meetings, employees must be allowed to think freely and can offer and propose their own ideas. This allows them to know that their opinions count, that they are important and will be heard. In addition, when employees feel they have a voice in the general direction of a company, it is when the loyalty and commitment between both parties are built stronger.

Reward employees for good ideas . If an employee, regardless of his job, has a great idea of ​​Social Media Marketing, he is rewarded. The truth is that once you start with this practice, employees are more willing to talk more positively about online business and will more frequently share their presence in their own networks.

Offer employees incentives to participate . In the end, after the curve of training and the experience or demonstrated value, many companies will have to designate one or more employees to dedicate themselves to these functions definitively. Offering incentives for employees to objectives can be a key aspect to increase the number of fans and “followers” as well as being an excellent way to motivate.

Make it part of the goals of employees . This concept has been proven again and again. You have to incorporate “the development of ideas” into the company’s quarterly or annual goals and show them that when they help to achieve the goals of the company, it moves in a positive direction of growth and, therefore, their careers are moving in that direction. Employees must understand that by reaching these goals everyone wins.

Create a site where dialogue between employees . That is, build a place for employees to ask questions and get answers. Maybe it’s on a company blog or an internal forum. You just need to be somewhere where you can go freely and ask questions about your social media policy and review the company’s goals and objectives and plans on how to get there.

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