The power of consumers generates a crisis of reputation: The case of Instagram

During this last week we have been able to attend, once again, a demonstration of the power of the consumers to an unclear practices of a brand, in this case instagram. In a crisis of reputation, whether in off-line or online environments, there are a number of premises that must be very clear …

The power of consumers generates a crisis of reputation the case of Instagram

  1. The power of reaction is vital and take the initiative too, so as not to let the crisis situation lead to worse.
  2. Mistakes must be recognized, which must have been
  3. To make decisions so that the situation returns? Its channels?
  4. apologize

It seems that these 4 appraisals have been taken into account by the founder of instagram when he has stated that? Instagram returns to its original privacy policy after criticism?

What surprises of the situation of crisis lived by instagram are several aspects:

  1. It gives the impression that no one reads any privacy policy and maybe instragram counted on it, that nobody would read anything and it has not been like this: I think that social network consumers are increasingly concerned about their privacy
  2. The whole situation is attributed to a language problem, as we read from the statement of the founder of instagram: “We have failed to communicate our intentions clearly.” Does anyone really believe that all this uproar comes from they have not communicated clearly? You have to remember that instragram is owned by Facebook and I would be very surprised to think that Facebook can make mistakes of this type

I hope instagram has learned the lesson, and apparently it seems so, why you have decided not to touch your privacy policy and take the time to change it.

In case anyone doubted the power that the consumers have before the brands, I think that the case of instagram has returned to value this power.

Last reflection: will not it be that they have made that decision for fear of losing more customers?

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