Social Media Marketing A job for beginners and scholars?

It has always been said that social networks are important enough to require a qualified professional to take charge of the online presence of a company, and we have always heard that scholars should not be in command of these channels because of his inexperience.

Although there are people to whom it may seem that this statement is a bit absolute, it is a fact that the scholars, the people who have just begun in this Social Network are more likely to make mistakes than those who are already used to deal with audiences and know well what is the protocol to follow in each of them.

Of course the fellows can participate in the management of the social networks of a company, but, not carry the weight and responsibility of the presence of a company. With proper supervision, they can manage certain aspects of the account. It is not about incapacity, but about inexperience.

It is possible to think that, given that the main task of a Community Manager is to interact with the audience and make it dynamic, the fellows can perform this function, since anyone is able to have a conversation with another. Yes and no. The professional knows his audience, and he knows well which topics interest him and which ones are not, because for that he has studied his target audience before. A scholar, yes, can talk, but always under the supervision of the Community Manager or any other responsible assigned for his tutelage.

It is a fact that any professional who intends to interact and converse with the community, be it novel or not, must follow guidelines dictated by the strategist, and make sure that the conversation is appropriate for the brand it represents. For this reason it is not appropriate for a fellow to take the conversation to points where we do not want to be, so as not to commit certain errors in the conversation (talk more about the account, for example).

Although having a degree does not give the expertise, training and work of the intern, and of the professional, is fundamental in this field (as in all). But at this point you have to make several qualifications: for example, right now there is no state degree of Social Media Professional, the only certificates that can accredit professionals are those granted by the centers that carry out Community Manager courses, but it is Of course that does not make us experts. Just like the Bachelor of Medicine degree does not mean that someone is going to be a good doctor, a Community Manager certificate does not mean he is a good professional. Expertise, as we have said before, is provided by practice and continuous study.

However, in the environment not only is the profile of Community Manager, and it is possible that a fellow fit in any of the positions, and learn from other professionals who are already working.

Therefore, can the beneficiaries carry the social networks? Yes, but certain fields and always supervised by a qualified professional. In the same way that in a supermarket there are cashiers in practices that have next to another with more experience, in Social Media it is necessary that a novel always has someone to explain how to do their job, and little by little, with experience, go acquiring more responsibilities.

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