Social Media Education and Culture 2.0

Personal and individual use is where the use of Virtual Social Networks originates as a powerful means of communication without borders or limits where the self transcends to us and vice versa, this aspect we all have clear.

We talked and contextualized the impact of Virtual Social Networks in the personal and business environments and their impact on our lives and private social relationships and also as a focus of attention of companies towards us as consumers.

Our “life 2.0” is inseparable from our social life Offline as something natural and the use of social networks in the educational and cultural environment should “handle” in the same way in a natural and democratic way.

Having said that, I will use this introduction to expose something that may be obvious and that is that Education and Culture come to the Online environment and uses this to reach citizens and transmit messages that want to touch our sensory fiber so that we can be participants. and critics of the experiences that we are capable of living and doing or not, ours.

Education, culture and social action in Social Media. On the past 26th and 27th of August 2011, we participated face-to-face and collaboratively in a framework I would say was “atypical” but no less important in my opinion, outside of the usual circuits of Social Media meetings, it was not a hotel, nor a meeting room. conferences to use. The meeting was in Galicia in a Pazo of the seventeenth century called Pazo de Tor and the Museo do Mar old unitary school dating from 1931, both belonging to the Museu de Lugo Network, places marked by History and the experiences of the people who they lived for centuries in one case or they served in cultural and educational formation as people in the other. Both scenarios today belong to the public and to the public.

Events occur in an exceptional setting in the middle of the countryside and the Galician coast. We were very lucky to be able to share experiences on Social Media and its use in the promotion of Education and Culture in the museum environment

It has been and is in a meeting of experiences that far exceeded the expectations of anyone and without a doubt in some unmatched venues.

The speakers showed us the work developed over time in their museums and made us live as they have been modeling their Virtual Social Networks that if with much effort, imagination, and means in some cases limited by the size … non-motivational physical

I will not comment on the platforms that they use in the Museums in Social Media, rather that they have long been a great educational and cultural vehicle to reach, share, energize, and ultimately deliver many actions that aim for a clear objective that is that the user is a participant and acquire enriching and motivating experiences that in turn share with others, that is not only Offline and Online viewer but that is involved and is proactive and interacts with the Museum as a vehicle for cultural and educational dissemination.

That is to say, the message is: that Museum 2.0 should be promoted in pursuit of Education and Culture outside its walls, something evident, but it is above all to apply common sense and to throw the “minifundismos mental” and the “interests”.

In any case for us, the important thing was to perceive with clarity how the Physical and Virtual Social Networks are complementary worlds that with work and common sense generate a dynamic cultural and educational power that transcends to share its contents and generate personal experiences that are shared by all and for all and where the mediators are us with the rest of the World.

Education and Culture 2.0 mold it, the power is in us, do not you think?

Thank you very much to all and to the 2.0 volunteers like Susana Abad who made Facebook and Twitter our speakers for the rest of the followers and, of course, Juan Ignacio Marquez, archivist, Tor librarian … “entangler in Social Media” and an instigating part of the meeting.

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