Social Media agencies do not exploit the potential of advertising on social networks for their customers

While continuing to increase the number of advertising agencies and marketing Social Media campaigning for their customers through social networks, many of these agencies still untapped potential of advertising in this type of media.

The digital marketing agency Lonelybrand asked marketing executives from different agencies about their work in social networks, to which only 17% said their companies buy advertising space for ads within them.

Social Media agencies do not exploit the potential of advertising on social networks for their customersHowever, those companies that advertise on social networks are spending several thousand dollars a month in ad buying. Among the agencies that do buy advertising, 23% said their companies spend more than $ 10,000 per month on ads, while 32% spend less than $ 1,000.

When implementing strategies in social media, we find options for almost every budget. A company can focus exclusively on free marketing through Facebook pages or profiles on Twitter or focus its strategy on content generation, but also can be supplemented with paid ads, investing the amount considered appropriate.

The report Lonelybrand also found that Facebook is the most popular in terms of social network advertising, which is not surprising given its extensive database of users. Of all the surveyed agencies buying media advertising and social networks, 13% said that they did in Facebook, LinkedIn 4% and 2% on Twitter.

In general, most companies prefer to focus on Social Media Marketing strategies instead of spending money on advertising, but they are also aware that companies with bigger budget can take a considerable advantage complementing their campaigns with ad buys.

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