SMEs: How to do RRPP in Social Networks

Public Relations are a set of strategic communication actions, which aim to strengthen links with different audiences, listening to them, informing them and persuading them to reach consensus, fidelity and support of them in present and / or future actions.

That is, Public Relations are the art of communicating messages to specific audiences in order to position information, brands, reputation, products, services, etc. Your goal is to take your message to the audiences that interest you, in this case we talk about your potential market.

SMEs How to do RRPP in Social NetworksSocial networks are no doubt today one of the best tools to do this, as long as you know how to use them. You have to be sensitive to detect when you should talk, with whom, what to say and in what way. It is said that it is the art of selling without doing so.

For this, Linkedin is positioned as the professional network par excellence for our public relations and should not be missing in your repertoire of social media channels, no matter the size or spin of your business.

It seeks to join groups in which you can participate as an expert in the subject, there are many, take care to enter those with more movement and with more users. The key here is to get involved and start talking to the people you interact with. Slowly add candles to your contacts by sending them an invitation … take care of only doing it with those with whom you have interacted and mentions in the invitation that you are part of the group.

Extend your Network. The idea of ​​the Network of contacts in Linkedin is that you have levels, if you know someone and you add to your network will be in level 1. And that is where the game begins to learn, the next level 2 Is where the contacts you want to get should be. Review the contacts that all Level 1 contacts have and define profiles that can help you get your message across, earn reputation, or even those who may be potential customers. Then ask your Level 1 contacts to introduce themselves. To do this I recommend that you already have prepared relevant information and value to send them once they accept you as contact.

It takes great care not to sell directly, is frowned upon, sells through giving value and shares information relevant to them. First give a welcome to your network and briefly mention what you do or invite them to read your blog. Let time pass and then try to talk to them from time to time, invite them to your groups, social networks, send them relevant information for what you do, etc.

Notes per week. This strategy works very well for me to have my network activated, it is very simple. Periodically check the updates of the profiles of your network and send 5 notes a week to different contacts congratulating on the new post, a new publication, qualify their skills, send a recommendation, etc. This simple activity makes people aware that you are interested in what they do and keep you present.

Twitter is another great tool for doing PR, it has worked extraordinarily. The key is to surround yourself with the right people and create a community in order to your company.

Lists. Knowing how to use them is essential in order to keep track of the topics that interest you most and the people behind them. Classify profiles that can help you build community and reputation. Follow them closely and participate in the conversation.

Communities. Join communities as well as LinkedIn! Follow the hashtag of interest and you will find many people of value who share your interest in this topic, are the ideal places to generate reputation online through sharing your experience.

Google Plus is also a very interesting network, which continues to grow and strengthen. In it you can make use of the best tool to eliminate the physical distance in the network … the Hangouts. They are ideal for holding conversations, group sessions and even offering webinars and online courses. Invite your contacts to close the gap and participate in semi-faceted conversations through the video.

The communities are also very interesting is this network. Join the ones that you like the most, in which you participate more and in which you can bring value.

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