Notice brands and Community Managers: Social media does not have superpowers!

Let fly creativity in our social evolution is one of the most efficient ways to discover the intangible aspects of Social Media, which are causing structural changes in our culture.

We begin a new year in which the slogan is to communicate, communicate, communicate share, share, share and form productive, efficient and fed back networks, but … many entrepreneurs, companies and SMEs, which are still wondering what do we do with social networks?

The figure of the Community Manager is presented as a tangible example of the current leadership, leaving great teachings with which we confront the subjects still pending with the Social Media.

Notice brands and Community Managers Social media does not have superpowers!Social Media has no super powers

There are many brands still expect immediate results and explosives of their presence in social networks, without realizing that; unreasonable expectations = failure of marketing strategies. What also causes serious impairment n the reputation of brands?

Internet has given us different gifts; we ubiquity, as a possibility to be present, connected and interactive, on various platforms and lattices where our target and our competition, simultaneously exercising our role of producer and consumer.

And we also have the social action for many brands still measured in the number of “like” or “re-tweet” thinking that it immediately increase sales figures. Big mistake!. No Community Manager professional will be able to grow their brand without deep analysis of the objectives, competition and the needs that emerge from the interaction.

Lack of planning and perseverance always hurts the customer service and obviously is the end of the social adventure for any brand. Social networks do not have super powers; they are only platforms that allow us to increase the efficiency of our actions.

What natural non da, non lends

In today’s digital world, social networks are used for contacting people forming a framework in which the unique nature of each individual joins shaping a production model radically different than we are accustomed. Now the watchword is “both produces = both manage”

Companies must ensure that their teams are moved by the passion of the motivation behind each of the “talents” with which it works and therefore need new leaders with the ability to identify talent.

Control has been requested in relations with employees who become internal customers. The engines of new businesses are passion and motivation. We are witnessing a structural change in the internal culture of enterprises, indispensable to exploit the potential of Social Media.

Social networking is just a “catch-emotions”

It seems to me an analogy between the classic “Dreamcatcher” and its catalytic effect and social networks where the great challenge is “planning emotions and transform them into innovation and efficiency”

In social action it is essential to take the place of the other. Move through a model that requires us to look to the needs of others rather than themselves and ask what our customers want before, what our business objectives.

We must interact to form empathetic and committed seeking links, focusing on trust and for this, the social network gives us real-time access to the emotions of each and every one of the “prosumers” that there interact. Social networks do not grant us the gift of socialization, visible only do what we can deliver. If you are looking to listen, listen, if you are looking for help, help, if you are looking for confidence … fulfill your commitments.

The lack of this is that always keeps tightrope brands due to deficiencies in the customer service and that is, we need to accept the other, it is a structural change of cultural paradigms.

Being in social networks yes but …

The slogan is “we must be” in Social Media, our customers, suppliers, partners, friends, relatives, acquaintances … everyone is on social networks.

Sell an innovative profile is only possible if you look sideways to discover and share quality or identify needs that have not been covered, while maintaining our efforts on customer satisfaction.

Time is short, unlimited information and be fierce competition is important but you have a reason for it. Generate initial impact is very efficient to capture the attention of our audience, but you need to have a voice, cohesive, planned and targeted to achieve loyalty.

Being in social networks optimizes the efficiency of our actions are unlimited before the permanent connectivity, and keep us in a constant process of learning and innovation. But no professional Community Manager can tell you that “being in social networks” is “per”, synonymous with immediate success.

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