How to keep your social media marketing from wasting time

Maybe your efforts are concentrating on fighting against the current: in going against the concepts in which social media marketing achieves the desired successes.

The first thing to point out, above all, is that the main objective is to “do business”, yes, but with an important nuance: as customers want.

How to keep your social media marketing from wasting timeIf we lose sight of the needs and the tastes of the customer, putting any other, we are wasting time: our customers are the ones who buy / use our products / services.

From here, “Social Media Marketing requires knowing exactly where you want to go”, and at the same time “It is not a rigid plan that is completed before it begins: it is a continuous process of change that shapes and perfects its content and Your goals after listening to your audience in ‘real time’. “ The sense of communication must be from the customer to the product and not the other way around.

To achieve a strategy of Social Media Marketing with possibilities of success concentrate on these three aspects:

  • Where do our customers want to communicate with us?
  • How they interact in networks
  • How often do they do

As we become more acquainted with our customers’ habits, our chances of success multiply.

Who are you really trying to impress and influence? Take advantage of your efforts and focus on what matters to your customers: leave your competition aside, lest they be focusing on the interests of your customers.

If you take the time to know and take care of them, they will take care of you. Know what kind of things they value and make sure your communications and presentations are geared to what they need

Not a few companies announce in a hype their successes, their conquests, their …, their ….

Whatever the purpose, it must be for the benefit of the client and building a relationship of trust in the organization.

Build news that provides value to them: offer a free consultation, be a source of valuable information regarding your interests, make presentations of real cases together with clients who have achieved their goals, and also make sure that these materials are readily available in Your website and your social media spaces.

Once you have put all the machinery in gear, do not ignore it: There is no worse experience for a potential customer than to be taken care of and have created a false expectation.

Factors such as the delay in answering, not responding to a request or not knowing how to handle a crisis are all good practices that you have been able to do before, and you, better than anyone, know that it is very difficult to “re-love” a client disappointed.

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