How to discover new clients in the media and social networks

Discover, search, converse, offer, receive … find new customers to offer new products. The great goal in brands in Social Media.

Opening new channels of communication with our target audience on social platforms is not without obstacles and many of them are caused by the lack of knowledge about the best way to use Social Media to capture customers.

Facebook is not everything

Facebook is not the only marketing tool that exists, although it can be very efficient if we have a defined and elaborated strategy, based on analysis, that keeps us away from spam and prevents us from falling into oblivion.

The Profile and the integration of email contacts, are the perfect combination to start launching in search of customers on Facebook. Both allow us to establish a first filter; who are more interested and what attracted them to our brand.

The campaigns, raffles, discounts and rewards are actions that are also showing their high level of efficiency in relation to attracting new followers.

But beware!; social networks are the instrument where our marketing strategy is executed, loyalty to our followers and get them to be integrated as influences that add to our brand, not only achieved with a Facebook profile.

Twitter, efficiency that depends on quality

The microblogging social network has amply demonstrated its effectiveness in relation to the new habits and customs derived from the interaction and promotion of information in real time. Twitter is really viral and dynamic, a social platform in which it is essential to be.

Interact in a personalized way with our followers, actively dialogue and avoid the continued promotion of our links without worrying about what happens around us, will tattoo the word SPAM next to our brand.

Twitter is a powerful tool for promoting content, so do not forget that – again – clicking on a link opens the “Pandora’s box” of expectations. If the content with which the users are found is not of quality, the abandonment will be immediate and the collective rejection will impede our growth.

How do you get customers with social networks?

It seems clear therefore that to capture customers on social networks it is necessary to take into account the actions prior to social exposure.

  • Business objectives, clear
  • Identification of our target audience (needs and interests)
  • Knowledge of what the competition does
  • Establishment of the added value of our brand
  • Elaboration of a specific strategy before starting social actions
  • Be able to consistently deliver quality content that answers our target.

Reciprocity for an adequate advertising focus

Social networks help us attract new customers through interaction (reciprocity) with our followers, focused on obtaining the information we need to deliver an adequate (and personalized) advertising focus that establishes the link between the brand and its customers .

They allow us to be present in different contexts (ubiquity), to be more visible, to achieve greater penetration and to incorporate our clients as “standard bearers”. But to achieve this, it is essential to accept that the social fabric wants us to be more empathetic, committed and persistent.

Capturing customers (and building loyalty) is intimately linked to the quality of our actions. Without it, nor the brightness of social media can avoid spam, criticism and the erosion of reputation …

When we embark on the adventure of capturing customers on social networks, we must not lose sight of the big slogan: more commitment, more customers and … a lot of common sense and perseverance to protect our reputation.

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