Dialogue and conversation should be present in all Social Media actions

Social Media is a new reality, it is a new media landscape that brands can not ignore in their communication strategies. The new trends and habits of consumers show us how now, users talk about brands in social networks and actively demand information about their products Are you going to turn your back on your audience? Do you know how to reach your target audience on social networks?

Dialogue and conversation should be present in all Social Media actionsConventional advertising is based on the emission of a message, it is a unilateral communication, where the public does not have the opportunity to express itself, its main response route is the purchase of the product or the contracting of the service. In Social Media this situation changes radically, here the imperative does not exist, nobody has the main voice. Both parties, both advertiser and audience are on the same level, and as such have to act:

  • It is not a place to sell, but to persuade, to conquer. It is not about making your customer to buy the product that you offer, but to make it known in a way that you want.
  • Before you start talking, stop listening. Study the environment, analyze the way your audience develops in the environment; strive to know him and know how he thinks and what he really cares about; this way you will know how to act to conquer him.
  • You have to gain the trust of your target audience, make him see that he can count on you, that it is not a relationship based on pure interest, but that you really care about what he thinks, feels and wants.
  • The main weapon of sales is the conversation. Dialogue and conversation should be present in all actions that occur in Social Media. The main step is to receive a response from the customer, to get it to interact with the brand. From there, if this first approach is positive, will lay the foundation for a fruitful relationship.
  • Turn your loyal followers into influencers . Already Kotler said, “The best advertising is one that satisfied customers.” The sales process can not end after the purchase, but can be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Take special care in giving a good service and knowing the degree of satisfaction of your customers.

What barriers do brands find to reach their audience in Social Media?

  • They do not really know who they are targeting. According to Forrester (http://empowered.forrester.com), many companies begin their journey in the 2.0 world without having had a previous approach to the client.
  • They cause saturation in users. Excessive number of updates on social networks can cause rejection by your audience. Proper planning is necessary.
  • They need to bet on differentiation. Users demand creative content that has a differential value and that surprises them.
  • Demand greater human and economic resources. According to the Quarterly Report of the Digital Intelligence: Management and Social Measurement; carried out by Econsultancy and Adobe, more than 40% of companies do not make the most of the data they extract from social networks because they do not have the means to do so.
  • They have to make use of effective tools to perform an adequate monitoring . This report has also been issued in this regard, with 3 out of 4 marketers saying that measuring in Social Media is very complicated, they have serious difficulties in carrying out an effective measurement.

Do you know your customers in Social Media? What do you do to get close to them

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