Answering or not responding to the client on social networks: How to do it is the question

When a company thinks about casting a profile on social networks, it often misses a small, but very important detail: what do you do to users’ comments? What if they are negative? Is it mandatory to respond? For some of these companies, social media is often more than a communication channel. Erroneously they conceive it as an additional advertising channel, where they present their company and its services.

Answering or not responding to the client on social networks How to do it is the questionFor its part, the users are clear; They expect a response, and as soon as possible. For them, social networks are an effective means of communication, where the free exchange of content and information flow, where they can communicate with whoever they want, when they need it.

The report by NM Incite on Customer Service in Social Networks shows that 47% of active users in social networks demand attention from brands through these 2.0 channels. So why do companies have so many doubts? What do you expect to offer effective customer service through this medium?

Therefore, the dilemma is not whether the brand should respond or not, but in how to do it? What do the customers of the company expect in social networks?

Customers demand a fast and effective response. For this, the company must remain attentive to the activity of its brand in social networks, monitor the mentions and trace everything related to its sector in panorama 2.0. It also needs an action plan to know what to do at all times, what are the most common problems and how to solve them and, of course, what are the guidelines to follow in case of a reputation crisis.

They want the company to listen to them, and act accordingly. Customers expect it to be accessible, and close, to show their concern for the customer’s well-being. It is important that you use a more human and conciliatory tone; That conveys a sincere will to solve the problem, and values ​​the customer as it deserves. According to the study recently published by Achieve Global, 1 in 3 consumers expect the company to treat you well.

They expect the company to bet on empathy. The social networks are a channel that favors the communication of you to you, for that reason it is expected a more personal treatment, in a more intimate plane. A space where the barriers of a great egocentric enterprise and anchored in the past do not exist, but a spirit open to dialogue, showing its proximity and accessibility.

For them, an adequate customer service is so important, they are even willing to pay more. The study, signed by Oracle, indicates that 81% of customers would pay up to 5% more if this implies a better attention by the brand.

Do you already know how to respond to your client in social networks?

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