70% of users want their brands to offer discounts on social networks

When it comes to finding out the reasons that link a brand with its followers, American consumers have it clear: 70% recognize that they expect brands to send you discount coupons, or free products. This is the latest Ipsos OTX survey.

This figure is especially relevant in the United States, while globally, the number of consumers who are particularly interested in discounts is reduced to 52%. The study has been developed globally, including 4,840 adults who follow an online brand, distributed among 24 countries.

70% of users want their brands to offer discounts on social networksIn addition to these economic advantages and gifts, 55% of users also want to interact with the brand, participating in contests or actions aimed at knowing their products and novelties; As well as to show their opinions and comments on them.

Other findings from the study show that 36% of users value brands to bring interesting and fun content. 27% expect them to offer content that is worth sharing. For 20%, the brand must attend to its customers, and respond to both the messages and comments it sends through social networks, and to emails.

One thing to keep in mind is that younger consumers are the ones who are less participative. Only half of the users between 18 and 34 years indicated that this type of actions contribute to closer ties with the brand. A percentage that rose to 56% in the case of those between 35 and 49 years and even 67% for those over 50. These figures are contrary to an earlier study, signed by Edelman Berland, which showed interest By the Millennials when taking part in the development of products.

Regarding the classification by sex, women are much more receptive to discounts than men (82% vs. 57%). However, when it comes to sharing content or responding to messages, men are in the lead, to some difference.

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