3 tips to take rebates to social networks

With the end of the Christmas campaign, more hopeful sales come than ever. After four years of setbacks, it is estimated that in 2012 spending on sales will increase for the first time since the economic crisis began. According to the latest reports, the Spanish will spend 90 euros on the sales, which is an increase of 6% compared to 2011.

Faced with these optimistic prospects, many traders have worked hard to uncover their aggressive offer campaigns to arouse the curiosity of passers-by. In many cases, this strategy is reduced to the placement of an immeasurable number of posters, sometimes falling into the excess of messages that the user is unable to assume. Given this context, how to establish an effective and differential strategy during the sales period?

The answer lies in social networks. Precisely, these new spaces are becoming a permanent speaker of brands and products, as well as the channel of excellence for the dissemination of offers and promotions. Next, Social-Buy , a brand specialized in the creation of social commerce environments, presents 3 tips to take the sales campaign to social networks:

It uses social channels to announce offers : as we have said, social networks have become a speaker for brands where users can express their opinions and share content about them. Therefore, during sales, these channels become the ideal place to announce offers to fans of the brand, present the star products of the sales, anticipate promotions …

To all this, it is necessary to add the viral effect obtained by all messages broadcast through these channels, with the resulting notoriety.

Reward your followers with exclusive offers : recent studies have shown that Facebook fans spend more on their favorite brands than those who are not. These are proselytes who follow the brand’s news day after day and in many cases viralize the message. Therefore, organizations must take advantage of social networks to strengthen links with them and consolidate a long-term relationship. The discounts can be an ideal time for the brand to demonstrate its commitment to its followers, rewarding them with exclusive advantages.

In this sense, the facebook store can be very useful. These applications for Facebook allow you to create temporary or permanent stores, so that brands can offer products and discounts exclusively for their fans. Likewise, Twitter is also postulated as an ideal platform to support the sales campaign. To give an example, brands can launch promotional codes that provide benefits to the followers of the account.

Applies the win to win : most stores usually establish a fixed discount, which applies without distinction to all buyers who purchase a product during the sales period. Thus, for example, a loyal customer is given the same discount as the user who buys us for the first time. However, given the growing need to retain customers, why not establish a reward policy based on the contribution of the value of each client?

Thus, for example, the discount percentage offered to a user who has viralized our products among his contacts should be higher than the percentage that simply enters and buys. In this sense, applications such as Social-Buy.com allow you to establish reward policies based on the ability to prescribe. Viralizing their purchases or recommending products, users can get succulent rebates as a reward for their involvement with the brand. It is about impregnating the relationship with our customers of the win to win philosophy.

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