3 C’s of Social Media Marketing

In Social Media Marketing there are three indispensable components, whose integration is necessary to ensure the smooth operation of a 2.0 strategy. These are three elements that by themselves already require a development and action plan of their own; So they have to take care of themselves separately, and work on them for later orchestration.

3 C's of Social Media MarketingContent. As has been said repeatedly, content is the king, the essential element that gives meaning to the strategy of Social Media Marketing. The content of quality attracts the target audience in the first instance, who decides to become part of the community. Thanks to the content continues to feed their interest, and thereby fostering their fidelity, the consolidation of the community. If it is really good, it will be shared by members and generate conversations, giving way to social dialogue, the basis for a stable and lively community.

Community. Social Media is born as a channel where users are grouped around common interests and hobbies; Is a medium that fosters interactions, free exchange of opinions and content. In this way communities can be created around a theme, a cause and even a brand. Achieving a stable, faithful and committed community with a brand is the dream of every company. To do this, it must offer a differential value, demonstrate that its users care about it and feed its interest every day by providing quality content and meeting their requests, in a timely manner.

Conversations. It is the food that keeps the community alive. A brand can count on thousands of adherents, but if there are no conversations, if the interactions shine because of their absence, it can not be considered as such, rather it will be a set of users who at one point chose to give their vote of favor The brand, but for which they do not really feel any kind of affinity. This may be due to the fact that the brand is not capable of generating conversations, does not provide quality content that gives them reasons to interact, for the conversations to take place; Or also that such a group of users have never shown a real interest in the brand, so it has no interest in their actions.

As you can see, each of these 3 C’s separately plays a large role in Social Media, fulfilling a specific goal, so you need your own strategy. However, they need to interact with each other to achieve a common good: achieving success in Social Media.

How do you take care of the 3C of Social Media Marketing? Do you have a special preference for any of them?

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