Why you should add a chatbot to your website

If you have a business website, you have probably already come across chatbots. These AI systems provide an automatic help function for customers to your website, allowing them to ask questions and to get answers from a digital help assistant that acts as an extension to your physical customer services team. So why might you integrate a chatbot to your website?

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Customers value speed and efficiency

Today’s online customers want immediate answers to their queries – even if they are browsing your website at 3am! With a chatbot, they can get an answer there and then without needing to follow up later on with a phone call or other contact method.

Interestingly too, research suggests that customers actively want chatbots and the ability to have their questions answered immediately and value this service above other technologies and website add-ons – seeing it as a real sign of great service.


The availability of chatbots and immediate answers to customer queries means that many businesses see higher conversions when they add the technology to their website. The system can use machine learning technology out of hours and be replaced with live agents in working hours.

Ease of set-up

An agency that specialises in web design and pay monthly websites such as https://www.utopiawebdesigns.co.uk/ can integrate chatbots to your website quickly, easily and cheaply. Most services are available on a cost-effective license basis and are simply off-the-shelf products that can be plugged in to your website for immediate use.

Ongoing improvement

As you use the chatbot on your website the database of Q&As that sits behind the technology continues to grow and makes the resource even more valuable. It can also then be used for internal training purposes to build a valuable repository of knowledge.

Brand experience

When you provide a chatbot on your website you have an instant opportunity to create a positive brand experience to visitors. This helps you to engage with potential customers, develop your brand awareness and begin to create positive touchpoints that can lead to sales and loyalty.

So if you don’t have a chatbot yet on your website, it could be an extremely easy and quick way to provide real value and service to your digital asset in order to delight, engage and – ultimately – convert your website visitors to long-term customers.

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