Why digital marketing strategies are essential to boost startup growth

Every business needs to have an effective marketing strategy, but for startups this is particularly important.

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No matter how great your products or services, if your potential customers don’t know about your existence, then your business is already dead in the water. Yet most new businesses tend to have limited assets, so budgetary issues have to be taken into consideration too.

Email marketing

It doesn’t have to be an expensive option to set up a practical and effective email marketing campaign that will encourage engagement with your brand. And the benefits are well documented.

A recent article in smallbusiness.co.uk points out that email marketing has a number of essential functions. Not only will it help to secure new customers, but email marketing can help to build brand awareness, improve customer loyalty and generate sales.

Content marketing

Regularly published online content that is relevant to your audience, timely, informative and engaging, will all help to boost your business profile. And that means that more people will get to hear about your products and services, which is the aim of every good marketing campaign.

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Social media marketing

Social media is huge right now, and that seems unlikely to change any time soon. Collecting followers, likes and shares help to boost brand awareness among your potential customers, making this an excellent marketing tool for any new startup.

However, for the best results it’s crucial to select your platforms wisely, as each social media format tends to attract its own type of users. This is where choosing the right agency to collaborate with is crucial to your overall success. For example, one well-known digital marketing agency Manchester-based but operating throughout the UK, https://htpdigital.com/, specialises in the technical and science industries. This degree of specialisation can significantly improve your chances of being discovered by your target audience.

Pay-per-click marketing

Pay-per-click, or PPC marketing can have a massive impact on your company’s growth. By targeting specific keywords you attract high-quality visitors at the point of purchase. However, as with social media marketing, this is a job best left to the digital marketing experts. Done correctly, a PPC campaign can dramatically increase profits, but choose the wrong keywords, or bid too high, and you could rapidly drain your marketing budget without seeing a corresponding increase in sales.

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