Why add art to a garden

When deciding on garden focal points, it can be easy to stray away from art and man-made features for fear of creating an artificial visual. However, if correctly designed an art piece can transform your garden and give it a unique appeal that will serve as a great talking point for visitors too!

Garden art or ornaments vary however they are largely manmade. Arguably the best structures are ones that are made from natural materials because it means that they will blend back into their surroundings. Whether it’s a water fountain, bench, bird feeder or sculpture, the freedom for creativity is endless. Putting art in a garden is a fun way of exploring with levels, textures, and positions.

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If you are designing an open garden or any garden that is open to the public, art is a great way to incorporate educational value. This is especially helpful if there is some historical significance behind the grounds or is an educational aim behind your garden. Or the structure could simply convey the need for environmental conservation or sustainability.

Educational value can be very significant when it comes to designing gardens for children such as in schools and outdoor play areas. The outdoors is an opportunity for children to explore the natural environment away from modern life’s fast-paced nature. Garden art and sculptures can enhance the senses and be an effective way of encouraging sensory stimulation.

For your own personal garden at home, there are also plenty of benefits to art. Although you can choose your own plants and flowers in terms of levels, colours, and textures, adding garden art is a deeper way to express yourself. This could be communicating your interest, making a statement, or showcasing a skill.

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A focal point like art is also a good way to define the theme and style of your garden. Bringing together elements of larger gardens through colours and styles is especially tricky. With a wooden sculpture, for example, you can set a neutral and woodland tone throughout the garden that ties together your other plant and flower elements.

If you are looking to install garden art, finding a local and authentic designer is best. Designers will have a portfolio of unique designs that can be customised just for you. Getting a quote and talking through the design is a good first step towards installing garden art. From an Animal Sculpture to a water fountain, your choices are unlimited…

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