Where does the marquee come from?

If you’re thinking about hiring a marquee for your event then you will be busy party planning and probably not giving much thought to where the idea of using a marquee for a party originated from. Marquees have become increasingly popular over the last decade and they are great for both formal and informal events. For marquee hire in Kent, visit http://www.2intents.co.uk/

The traditional tent is no big mystery and date back to the Iron Age. Tents have been used for a whole host of functions including homes for nomadic peoples, recreational camping, shelter in disasters and military camps. Designs can be simple or extravagant and include bell tents and teepees. Roman legions were probably the first soldiers to use tent like structures out of leather and evidence to show this dates back to the first century BC.

The military tent is also an iconic image associated with field hospitals. These were designed by Captain Godfrey Rhodes in 1858 and weren’t that different from the tents used in Roman times. Field hospitals remained unchanged until the Second World War.

Early marquees were made form canvas but now a common material is PVC and the benefit of this material is protects inhabitants more effectively from the weather. The marquee is supported by poles and how many poles will be determined on the size of marquee needed and how intricate the design needs to be.  Domed or pointed-tipped tents will require more poles.

The biggest use of marquees in history has got to be the circus tent in the 19th century. These striped tents were called Big Tops and the tent was ideal as the circus performers were travelers or gypsies and a tent offered flexibility and mobility.

Where does the marquee come from

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Music festivals often use marquees as they are easy to erect and offer great protection to electrical equipment and offer a base for a stage. Marquees are now a common sight at most of the big music festivals in the UK.

Marquees used to be seen as a bit upper class and were mainly seen at English country garden weddings but nowadays they are an option for all and offer a very flexible alternative to an indoor venue. Many businesses also choose to have a marquee for corporate events, offering a more interesting and lively venue than a formal boardroom. Exhibitions use these large tents as well due to their size, protection and versatility in use. You may interested to see more reviews, find here: https://daypowermedia.com/reviews/

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