What is the role of the first aider?

In the UK, a first aider plays a crucial role in providing immediate care and support to people who are injured or ill before medical help arrives.

What are the main responsibilities of a first aider?

They must quickly evaluate the scene to ensure it is safe for themselves, the casualty and others. It’s important to identify any hazards and take action to minimise risks. They should administer basic first aid techniques to stabilise the casualty’s condition. This includes controlling bleeding, performing CPR, treating shock and managing injuries.

The primary goal is to keep the casualty alive and prevent their condition from worsening. This involves ensuring the casualty’s airway is open, they are breathing, and circulation is maintained. The first aider should also take steps to prevent the casualty’s condition from deteriorating. This includes protecting the casualty from further injury or other complications.

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When should they call for help?

Calling for professional help is crucial if the condition of the person is serious. They should dial 999 to request emergency medical services if needed. They must provide clear and accurate information about the casualty’s condition and the location of the incident.

What can the first aider do?

They can provide reassurance to the casualty. They can also document the incident, including details of the casualty’s condition, the treatment given, and the time of the incident. Reporting the incident to the relevant authorities or to a workplace health and safety officer is also essential.

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It’s good to know that emergency first aid training courses can save lives. If you own a business and are interested in having the staff attend emergency first aid training courses, you can get in touch with local providers. Everyone is covered for emergencies as demonstrated by One Green Planet, which points out the ten best first aid kits for animals.

What skills does a first aider need?

They should have the ability to remain calm and composed in stressful situations. This person must be able to provide clear instructions to the emergency services and reassurance to the casualty and bystanders.

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