What Do Diggers Do On A Construction Site?

Diggers are one of the most recognisable pieces of machinery on any construction site. These powerful machines can dig up and move massive amounts of dirt, making them useful for everything from digging foundations to clearing space for new roads. However, if you’re not familiar with construction and plant machinery, the variety of different types can be confusing.

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Diggers, which can also be known as excavators, are the heavy equipment most commonly used on a building site. They are used for a wide range of jobs, including topsoil excavation, creating swimming pools, digging sewerage systems, digging holes for buildings and even mining projects. Some examples of diggers include a bulldozer, backhoe, shovel or wheel loader. For Digger Hire Leicester, try visiting Greens Haulage, suppliers of Digger Hire Leicester

A digger acts like a large powered scoop that can collect large amounts of earth and move it around. For example, a digger can move much more dirt than a power shovel due to its larger size and weight. Moreover, a digger can rotate 360 degrees, allowing it to manoeuvre in difficult areas.

Other kinds of heavy machinery that can be found on a construction site include dump trucks and pile driving equipment. Dump trucks are a vital part of any construction site and can be used to transport dirt, debris and other materials from the construction site. This type of vehicle can also be used to haul materials that are too large for excavators.

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Pile driving equipment, on the other hand, is used to drive piles into the ground for construction. This is done using a variety of methods, depending on the nature of the piles that need to be driven. Some examples of piling equipment include a power driven rig, hammer guide and a pile hammer.

In addition to these pieces of machinery, there are many other tools that can be used on a construction site. These tools can include excavator attachments like augers, drills and rippers. They can also be used for demolition work or to flatten the surface of the soil.

Another important tool is the motor grader, which is used to level the ground before laying asphalt layer. This piece of machinery is also useful for removing snow and dirt from roads. This machine can be equipped with a blade in between the front and rear wheels. Other options include a scraper blade and a rake.

In addition to these tools, a construction site will also need other machinery like power compactors and vibrating plate compactors. The latter are used to reduce the volume of waste and can be especially effective in narrow areas that are hard to manoeuvre.

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