Ways to keep your works van contents safe

Vans left unattended overnight can be seen as soft targets by crooks. What are the best ways to keep the kit your van contains secure after dark?

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Facing Van Theft Realities

Too many van owners overlook the fact that their vehicle is susceptible to criminal activity, despite statistics showing that thefts from LCVs are on the rise.

Because of this, it pays to stay on top of the latest trends and stats so that you do not fall victim to emerging techniques of van-based thievery. Complacency is best avoided by anyone who is serious about security.

Bolstering Lock Resilience

If locks can be compromised, criminals can easily crack into a van. By installing locks internally and externally, you can make this much harder.

This doubles up as a visual deterrent as crooks will see a well-locked van as tougher to tackle and thus less worthy of an attempted break-in. You can invest in locks and other vehicle accessories that are straightforward to install.

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Addressing Window Weaknesses

Many thieves ignore door locks altogether and simply chuck a brick through the window to access the valuable items inside it. Fitting window grilles, especially on the rear doors if present, can counteract this and keep your cargo area inaccessible.

Taking Parking Seriously

Sloppy security can often arise when a van is parked in a place that all but guarantees the attention of thieves. Instead of leaving it in some poorly lit alley, move it to a secure location that has CCTV in place with persistent monitoring.

Another tip when parking is to make it difficult for any third party to open the rear doors. This can be achieved if you position the vehicle tight up against the side of a building or even in close proximity to another van or car.

Marking Your Kit

Security tagging systems can be used to make it easier to track and recover equipment if it is stolen, so investigate this if you want to prepare for the worst-case scenario. A cheaper option is to slap a sign on your van that says that it is emptied of all valuables before being left overnight. Following this precaution is optional, but it is a highly sensible step for you to take. As well as marking your equipment, you will want to make sure that you have consulted with an insurance company to ensure that all of your items are covered whilst you are on site and insured against thefts as well as ensuring you have the right business insurances. A Liability Insurance Bristol company can provide you with more information

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