Using social media to grow your business

Want to know how to get more out of social media to expand your small business? Here are some top tips:

  1. Be consistent

When it comes to your posts, your messages and how often you use social media, maintain consistency. This is really the key to success with social media campaigns. Make a plan for what you post and how often you will post, and stick with it. It should ideally be several times a day or a week, depending on your goals and your following. You cannot go once a month up to five times a day and then go back and hope to have the same following.

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  1. Use all the social networks

You may have a particular social network that you want to use, but that does not mean that all your followers feel like it. To be successful on social media, you need to make sure you are posting on all of the different networks available. This means maintaining an account with all the major social media sites, including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. For help with social media on your website, contact a Doncaster Web Design company, like

  1. Optimize content for each platform

Maintaining accounts on all major social media platforms does not mean posting the same thing on four different locations every day. This means specifically intended format content for each platform. You need a photo for Instagram, a post for LinkedIn, videos and memes on Facebook and brief announcements for Twitter. All your posts should be different, even if they give the same message.

  1. Press on networks that actually work well

There are some networks that will work better for you than others. When you find a network that actually works for certain types of business and certain types of customers, then you have to really push on that network and take advantage of the opportunity.

  1. Make sure that your content is consistent with your message

When it comes to building a strong social media presence, we’d all love a huge following. However, it is more than the sum of each response you get. You may be tempted to give a post that just gets a lot of attention, but it will do nothing for your brand if you do not ensure that the content is consistent with your message. Everything needs to fit within the brand identity and promote what you are trying to tell the world.

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  1. Some of the important content will not be popular, but you still need to post

There are several kinds of content that usually do not attract a large number of likes or shares, including features news, testimonials and blog posts that are important. It is really important that you post all types of information when it comes to establishing your authority in the marketplace, but they are not the type of post that usually gets a buzz. Just because some of your posts will not get people liking or sharing does not mean that you should avoid posting that information altogether. It might not be the most popular, but it helps to grow your reputation.

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