Understanding the importance of CNC Milling

Computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling is a revolutionary way of creating and cutting products from raw and rough material. The computer numerical part means that for the first time all angles of the milling process can be done thus saving time and money never thought possible before. What precision CNC Milling, like the type that https://www.parallelprecision.co.uk/cnc-milling/ can do is provide this service. How does the CNC process work and what advantageous does it bring to the process?

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In the past the only way that a traditional milling machine could work was on a lathe based horizontal basis. The product to be milled would be spin on its access and the work person or machine would make the necessary milling or drilling work required to create whatever was the perceived need of the product. While this certainly required a degree of craftsmanship it was an incredibly laborious task as the machine and the product to be milled had to be changed and reset every time a new section need to be drilled. There was also a considerable scope for understandable error both human and programmable when the resets were made. It also meant that more complicated pieces remained firmly in the planning and theoretical stages never seen the light of day.

Through the eighties and onwards the days to technical drawings were coming to an end as computer aided design in three dimensions and macro setting allowed the designers to come up with even more elaborate designs. All they needed to do was wait for the manufacturing technology to catch up. It has finally done so with the precision CNC milling machine and its process. The need for a human has been slightly replaced as the computer can no communicate with the manufacturing milling machine and tell it what it wants it to do.

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The milling machine works on a multi axis basis. It no longer works just horizontally but can deal with all types of shapes without having to reset the machine to make allowances for the new position. All that need to be done with the product to be cut is for it to placed into the machine. The Milling is able to spin and turn the object without any need for it to be removed. The reason for this is while it has the standard X and Y axis that a computer knows but with a milling machine you have the added dimension of the Z axis bringing in the diagonal. This means that designs can add all sorts of complex pieces and know they will be cut to perfection and precision.

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