Understanding Central Heating Power Flushing

Energy-efficiency is an important issue in today’s society, not just because of the financial cost to the consumer but also because of the environmental cost to the planet. One way of saving energy is to make sure that your central heating is working efficiently and effectively.

Understanding Central Heating Power Flushing

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Signs That Your Central Heating System Is Not Working Correctly

If your system takes a long while to heat up, you experience a poor flow of hot water, some rooms are colder than others, some of your radiators have cold patches or your boiler is making banging noises, then it could be an indication that there is sludge, rust and other debris such as limescale within the system. Sludge, or magnetite, is caused by corrosion which occurs when adverse conditions are present inside the system as water, metal and heat come together. Limescale especially occurs in hard-water areas and can impair the efficiency of heat transfer, making your boiler work harder. This does not necessarily mean purchasing a new boiler: power flushing could be the answer, leading to a more reliable and efficient heating system, as outlined in the Greenage.

What Is Power Flushing?

Power flushing is a method of cleaning your central heating system – hot water and cleaning chemicals are pumped through your radiators at high pressure, removing the blockages. The water is circulated around the system, and the flow is reversed periodically to ensure a thorough clean. The water is then drained, and when it runs clear the power flush is complete and the system re-started. After this process, inhibitors are usually added to prevent further corrosion.

If you are getting a new boiler, power flushing will take place before the installation. If you are having your old system power-flushed, the relevant parts of your system will be shut down during the procedure. You should always employ a registered gas engineer to carry out maintenance and installation. For example, if you require boiler repair in Brighton, you may consider engineers such as http://glowzone.co.uk/.

Benefits of Power Flushing

Full circulation of the system should be restored, meaning that the warm water will travel through the system, heating your radiators evenly. The system will be working efficiently, and that means energy savings and lower household bills. A clean central heating system should have an extended life, as corrosion be will be reduced.

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