Training Staff to Prevent Falls in the elderly and vulnerable

Training staff to prevent falls is an important part of carer training. When an older person has a fall, it has a huge effect not only on their own physical health but also their mental health because it causes them to become less confident and withdraw from activities. For some the thought of having to live in a residential home become too much. This is where you may want to look at a carer that can visit the individual in their home. You may wish to consider a live out care London company, such as

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Many people who have fallen are aged 75 or over, and it often leads to long hospital stays.

Preventing accidents

There are several very simple things that can be done to prevent accidents. Well-lit rooms with no trip hazards can help significantly. The use of non-slip matting and carpet grippers ensures there are no rucks in the carpet that could be a trip hazard. Consider bed guards, walking aids, grab rails and handrails, and have all living space on one level. Non-slip shoes that fit well are essential as the most common falls occur in slippers.

There is also more information available on preventing falls and what to do in the event where someone has had one on sites such as

Knowing the risks

Having staff who have passed a CRB Check and the appropriate training to make them aware of all of these risks is a crucial step. It is also important to have staff trained in the area of health problems that could lead to residents feeling dizzy or having heart palpitations, which could also cause a fall.

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Training staff in dementia is crucial because this condition leads to the resident feeling restless, confused and disorientated. Often, they won’t know where they are or what is happening, so they may get up unexpectedly to walk around and try to find something.
In the unfortunate event that a fall does occur, it is essential that staff know how to deal with it. Checking for injuries without moving the person is important because lifting an injured person is going to do more harm than good. It may also cause injury to the staff member. There are lifting cushions used by the ambulance service and care homes that allow people to be carefully lifted to their feet without causing any further injuries or injury to the member of staff who is assisting the person who fell.

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