Top 10 Best Business Ideas of the Year 2017

Start a new year with full of opportunities to generate some of the most innovative business ideas and as a sample of the many ways to take advantage of these opportunities, we want to share the list of the 10 best business ideas of the year 2017.

This is a list that highlights the way companies and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of current business trends. In the list we find ideas based on several of the trends that we have seen grow throughout the year, such as personalization, 3D printing, integration of the digital world with the physical world, smart houses, mobile devices, sustainable businesses and others that insurance They will give much to talk about.

We hope you find some inspiration in these innovative business ideas and encourage you to innovate through your business projects.

  1. Invisible Helmet for Cyclists

Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin , two Swedish design students found that helmets for cyclists are uncomfortable and do not really provide the necessary protection to the user, so they came up with the project to design a more comfortable and safe helmet .

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After seven years of studying and working on the development of a final prototype of her idea, entrepreneurs launched their innovation under the name Hövding.

The helmet, which really is an airbag, is camouflaged in a scarf equipped with accelerometers and gyroscopes that activate it at the right time, protecting the cyclist in the event of an accident.

The device is already on sale for a price about $ 543 and seeks to position itself as an innovative solution to a common problem in the growing population that opts for the use of bicycles as a means of transportation.

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  1. Facial recognition payment system

Uniqul is a payment platform that works through facial recognition. It is enough that the client looks at a camera and will automatically upload your information, including credit card data you have stored, paypal account or bank details.

Uniqul’s goal is to enable both customers and merchants to benefit from a more agile and efficient payment system.

Those who wish to make use of this payment system, must first register in Uniqul and upload their information and a photo. Once this is done, you can pay with your face in any store that has integrated the platform, making the user not have to worry about carrying cash, credit cards or your cell phone.

The platform is developed with military grade security, guaranteeing great effectiveness and safety for users. The system is even able to distinguish between two identical twins.

This was an interesting proposal that bets on the tendency to integrate the physical world with the digital world.

  1. Shopping carts that offer personalized recipes to shoppers

A brand of mayonnaise Hellmann’s came up with an interesting strategy to fire sales in Brazil; these are digital displays and RFID systems, installed in the shopping carts of some supermarkets, to offer recipes and culinary advice to buyers based on the products that are nearby. All recipes include mayonnaise in such a way that the company does marketing at the time of the purchase decision.

These trolleys have an Internet connection allowing recipes and tips to be shared on social networks or sent via email from the same screen.

A 69% increase in sales shows that the strategy is really effective and that was a great way to create new experiences for customers and break the schemes when it comes to marketing.

  1. Finder and 3D printer for blind children

Yahoo! Japan has developed a physical search engine that prints its results in 3D, allowing blind children to enjoy a tactile web experience.

The children make the queries using their voice and immediately the device will look for information in 3D and print a small object related to the search. The goal of Yahoo! is to contribute to the development of touch in children who are blind or visually impaired.

With this initiative Yahoo! demonstrates the immense potential of 3D printing, confirming that this is one of the most promising technologies for the next few years.

  1. Real-time translator

SIGMO is a device that fits in the palm of your hand and allows you to translate in real time up to 25 different languages.


The goal of SIGMO is to allow communication between people who speak different languages. The conversations are translated in real time and transmitted as audio in the language selected by the receiver.

To use the device you must synchronize it via Bluetooth with your smartphone through an application.

This project got funding for its development through Crowdfunding on the Indiegogo platform. The welcome was quite positive; about $ 250,000 raised the initiative, although the goal was to gather just $ 15,000.

  1. Lego blocks that convert electronic devices into smart devices

DigitalStrom, a Swiss technology company, seeks to convert any electronic device into a smart device controlled through a smartphone, allowing the user to be able to manage, configure and track the energy use of any electronic device from a simple application.

To achieve this goal, DigitalStrom has developed small intelligent blocks that are integrated with devices connected to the electrical grid, allowing a remote control over them. With this proposal, the Swiss company bets on the trend of smart houses.

  1. Smart Hospital that offers services through smartphones

The in South Korea has launched its own patient application, using electronic medical records to provide information about scheduled appointments, times, costs and other information of interest to the patient.”Seoul National University Bundang Hospital”

The application also integrates an RFID system for hospitalized patients and allows guests to access a personalized entertainment system during their stay.

The aim of the hospital is to provide a more pleasant experience to its users through intelligent systems.

  1. A store that allows you to create custom designs of clothing through interactive screens

YrStore allows you to design your own clothing through interactive screens and then print them in minutes. The screens work with intuitive and practical design software that creates a different experience for customers.

The goal of YrStore is to take advantage of the growing trend of consumption of customized products.

  1. Turn your favorite blog’s feeds into a custom TV show is a platform that has created new experiences in receiving news on the web. Thanks to it, you can turn the feeds of your favorite blogs into a completely personalized television program. Now you will only see on TV the news that really interests you.

After the death of Google Reader, a series of services emerged that sought to fill the void left by the popular feed reader, and among these services, stands out for betting on a different and personalized experience for users.

In the same way, the platform offers bloggers the ability to create videos from articles published on their blog, so that their readers can access the content in a more attractive way.

  1. Recycled beer cans in exchange for travel by subway

A Brazilian company AlmapBBDO came up with an interesting campaign to get consumers Antarctica beer, recycle empty cans and also chose not driving under the influence of alcohol.

The campaign consisted of changing every can of empty beer for a passage to travel by subway. The proposal was developed during the carnival of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, making more than 1,000 cans of beer be recycled per hour. In the same way, it was possible to increase the number of people who used a public transport instead of driving under the effects of alcohol. A clear example of how companies can promote responsible consumption of their products.

End up with:

To take your dream into reality these are the 10 best innovative business ideas I could offer to someone who desperately looking forward to do something in their life. Those were the real inspirational achievement for someone who might also been at the same way you are now. So why don’t you give a try and live your dream.

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