There are 8 main benefits to having plants at your workplace

Did you know that plants can also make a huge difference in your office? These are eight reasons why you should bring greenery to your office.

1. Plants can make your workplace a more pleasant place to work

Plants strategically placed around the office will improve its appearance. Also, they improve your working environment and make it more inviting for clients. They are great talking points for both staff and visitors.

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2. Your office will be healthier with these additions

The plants in the office are not just decorative, but they also serve a purpose. By creating cleaner air, they can improve worker’s health. Introduce foliage to the workplace and you can reduce dust, bacteria and carbon dioxide. That’s a win for both health and aesthetics.

3. It makes people and things look better

Plants can make employees look better. We’re not lying! Plants can reduce dry skin by 20%, so you’ll feel the benefits.

4. Concentration levels can be boosted by plants

Plants can also reduce noise, a benefit that is less well-known. Plants can reduce background noise by up to five decibels. This is a great way to help distracted workers who might struggle in a noisy environment.

5. Increase output

Recent research shows that bringing plants to the office can make you more productive. The study’s team found that having plants in the office made workers more focused. The health benefits also improved their quality of living so why not start looking at plants for the workplace today? To find out more about Plants for Trade, take a look at a site like

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6. Creativity levels up

Plants can also increase productivity and creativity at the office. They can inspire staff and make an office look more inspiring. A combination of carefully selected plants and modern office furniture with a splash of colour can produce a more creative look.

7. Stress can be reduced by plants

It makes sense, given all the benefits that we’ve already discussed, that plants in your office can reduce stress. There will be a calmer atmosphere in the office when employees are healthier and happier.

  1. Reduce sick days

    As a team becomes happier, healthier, and less stressed, the number of sick days will also decrease which offers tangible benefits to any employer.

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