The rise and rise of the HUF Haus

In 2004 the television programme Grand Designs featured a Huf Haus home. This publicity gave the brand an extraordinary boost. The subsequent decade has seen the company make tremendous developments in its architecture whilst staying true to its classic approach. Known for its light-filled, modern and stylish designs, the German company Huf Haus produces highly sought-after prefabricated houses.

The rise and rise of the HUF Haus

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Whilst the company has over 100 years of experience, the original incarnation of the Huf Haus was created by Franz Huf and Manfred Adams in 1972. Over the past four decades the design has been refined, but has kept true to the core concept comprising of huge sections of glass and large wooden beams.

Peter Huf, grandson of the company’s founder, works in the family business and uses his specialised knowledge to create buildings with vast expanses of glass, producing a light and airy feel whilst also being efficient at conserving energy. Attention to detail, high refinement and outstanding engineering produces a simplicity and quality that is exemplary.

New materials

As new technology, fabrics and other building materials evolve, so has the Huf Haus design. New materials are integrated into the designs along with lots of wooden posts and beams and plenty of glass, staying true to the firm’s classic approach. Triple glazing has been introduced along with aluminium radiators such as Apollo radiators. A smoother exterior finish has been attained by utilising less metal.


Clients choosing this design expect to live in a sanctuary. Being immersed in light and connecting with the outside has a calming effect, and the houses offer both sustainability and flexibility in how the spaces are used. Simplicity and synergy are key to the Huf Haus concept and their warm contemporary designs are extremely popular.

There are currently around 200 Huf houses in the UK. Clients love the simplicity, quality and attention to detail of the Huf Haus concept. Above all, they are passionate about their light-filled homes. Huf Haus recently enjoyed some great publicity as the actor Antonio Banderas purchased one of their homes in Cobham. The company was also awarded a Tony Leitch Townscape Award by Kingston upon Thames Society, for a four house development off Kingston Hill. The Huf Haus design and brand goes from strength to strength and shows no signs of slowing down.

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