The benefits of professional site clearance

Clearing a site is an integral part of every construction or demolition project. Whether you are preparing a site for future development or need to remove the accumulation of waste after a project is complete, you should make sure that this area is free of dangers, obstacles or unsightly mess. One way to do this is to use the services of a licensed professional but could you not just clear everything yourself? Here are some reasons why it’s far better to use a professional :

The right equipment

You cannot guarantee the safe and efficient removal of any material on your site without the proper equipment and machines.

Specific processes are required for everything cleared, from trees and bricks to metal, rubble, and much more. Professional site licenses ensure only the best, most suitable equipment is used to clean every part of your site. You can also be sure that all heavy machinery, vehicles and equipment are operated by trained personnel.

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Tips used to be the first port of call for all kinds of waste taken from the construction site. Fortunately, everyone has wised up to the negative environmental impact of landfills, and most operators aim to recycle 90-100% of the waste collected. This includes material removed during site clearance.

Choosing a company that holds a valid waste carrying license is essential. This ensures that any waste that is taken from your site is removed in the most responsible way – in accordance with all legal requirements. Professional site clearance done efficiently, minimises the reliance on landfills while implementing safe work practices that have been developed over many years of industry experience. Whether it’s a small domestic site or an extensive demolition zone, professional structures and procedures will provide you with that all-important peace of mind.

Hazardous waste

A site license may involve classification and removal of hazardous waste. It can range from fuel stored in drums, asbestos, contaminated soil, paint, and more. Professional cleaning will take the dirt away and will handle hazardous waste for you. Garbage will be removed, transported and disposed of in full compliance to legal requirements.

If there is hazardous waste at the location you plan to develop, it is important to choose a professional site services. Only by doing this you can be sure that, once cleaned, your site is secure and ready for construction. For Birmingham Asbestos Removal, visit a site like

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Saving time

Preparing your site is an important step; for the inexperienced and untrained, it is easy to fixate on details. You may not know exactly what needs to be cleaned or to what extent. Choosing to take responsibility yourself can cause delay on a project while you get to grips with some of the steps necessary to prepare the area properly. You also may overlook something that comes back to haunt you later on during construction – further delaying the project itself.

A professional service will use strict procedures to ensure that every inch of your site is comprehensively cleaned before the job is done. A survey of the site to identify all the trash and the material to be removed, will allow the company to bring all the relevant machinery, prepare all the necessary documents, and make arrangements for transportation and disposal. It also ensures that any nasty surprises will not rear their heads in the future.


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