The advantages of renting a van rather than buying one outright

Many Bristol business owners are faced with a dilemma – do they buy, or do they rent a van?

Many people enjoy the prestige of owning a vehicle, along with the tax benefits that new vehicle ownership provides, but when something goes wrong it can be costly and time-consuming to resolve. Unfortunately, secondhand vans may not be as reliable as they ought to be, often requiring costly maintenance and regular upkeep. And since time is money, no business can afford to have a van off the road for a length of time.

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Why renting makes sense

There are many reasons to choose van rental Bristol. Businesses benefit from the extra flexibility of being able to pick a modern vehicle every time and to select the type of vehicle they want and the period they want it for, but only paying for it whilst it is in their care. This means that they can adjust their requirements to suit their workload rather than running a large commercial vehicle under-loaded for a prolonged period.

Businesses and their drivers are not responsible for the repair or maintenance of their rental vans. So if anything goes wrong with the vehicle, they can return it to the rental company who will swap it for an equivalent vehicle, reducing downtime and lost earnings.

Businesses do not need to factor depreciation into their tax returns, simplifying their financial accounting and reducing their long-term commitment.

Finally, all vehicles from reputable van rental specialists such as Autolyne van rental are supplied with valid insurance to cover business use, and businesses can choose to take out additional cover and protection packages to guard against any damage that may occur due to their field of work.

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In conclusion

If your business wants to operate a modern fleet of vehicles that exactly matches your planned work schedule, choose a rental van company. You will enjoy lower operating costs, better flexibility, the ability to match your vehicle to its workload and a comprehensive package of insurance that will keep you protected day in, day out.

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