Security seals: types and applications

Security seals are divided into classifications with each kind aimed at a different part of the market. From plastic seals to metal seals, and from cable seals to bolt seals and metric seals, different business sectors will have a range of needs. The most popular seals which offer excellent security are bolt and cable.

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What are plastic seals used for?

Plastic seals are used in a variety of settings and they are a cost-effective measure if you require a quick and easy method. They provide tamper-proof protection for your goods and the seals come in different shapes and sizes, from those suitable for fire-extinguisher and First Aid boxes to those designed for trailer doors.

Cable seals are an ideal solution to provide reinforced security

Cable seals provide a high level of security via the unique locking mechanism. This seal is simple to use and is suited to crates and containers, trailer doors and tanker valves. They are fully tamper-evident.

Metal security seals are resistant to tampering

High-security seals are made from metal and are designed to be intrusion-resistant. The seals must comply with international standards. A bolt or cargo seal is used to stop theft from containers which are required to travel greater distances over a longer period of time. Businesses which would benefit from the various kinds of security seal on the market can purchase from a range of companies including According to World Cargo News the Union Pacific Railroad (UP) will require container seals on all intermodal shipments from the middle of this year.

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What else is a security seal used for?

Seals are used to avoid damage in a variety of sectors, from logistics, freight, railroad and airline, to shipping and storage. Using security seals effectively demonstrates that goods such as cargo and boxes have not been tampered with or contaminated. The use of high-quality seals also inspires confidence in your business. Furthermore, health and safety legislation may require proof that items have not been tampered with. Security seals are a simple but most effective way of demonstrating compliance with the law.

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