Role of the Carer

Care workers are the backbone of the health and social care sector. They are responsible for taking care of your loved ones whether in a hospital, during their time in a care home, preparing meals and keeping them clean and warm. Working in this kind of setting requires a great deal of patience, trust and compassion. It is important that people who work with the elderly feel that their work is crucial to the well being of their patients. However, just like every other job, working with patients who suffer from Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia requires a level of dedication and honesty.

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It is necessary for them to develop a personality that can withstand the fatigue and stress of an always busy schedule, ensuring that they are at least on time with their work. The general training of caregivers is also important since they are the first people to see the deterioration of the patient’s condition and therefore the first to attempt to provide some form of support. Find out about how your loved one can get the care they need at Care Homes Solihull by visiting a site like

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They are also in charge of interacting with the patient, preparing the medical reports and taking the responsibility of making a plan for the patient’s care and making their recommendations to medical staff. It is thus very important that care workers always be alert and vigilant to ensure that the patient is able to get the proper treatment and medications required to treat the condition.

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