Recycle Those Ink Cartridges To Help Keep Earth Clean

There are many things out there that people say should be recycled, and indeed it’s important to recycle as much as possible. Plastic anything is one of those “need to be recycled” materials. And, with this being a technologically progressive age, people are using ink cartridges at a fast pace.

Throwing them all away is just a big mess. Think about all the millions of ink cartridges that would be in a landfill somewhere. Moreover, ink cartridges are more than just plastic. They are toxic because they have chemicals in them. So, why not recycle them when it’s made easy for you?

As a matter of fact, it’s not just easy, but it saves you money on your ink costs. You can either send them off to be recycled, or you can use recyclable ink cartridges that you can continuously refill with ink when they are empty.

If you’re still not convinced, take a further look and understand that plastic actually can take a thousand years to completely decompose! Can you imagine that? Computers haven’t been in play for nearly a thousand years, so just imagine how many of those ink cartridges would be stacked up around the earth.

Remember that they are toxic to the earth, and this is on top of them being plastic that takes long to decompose. Think about what that could mean for future generations. Furthermore, landfill management requires a lot of extra money, which drains the economy. This is something that needs to be thought about more often, and that is why people are pushing for all forms of recycling.

Now, here is another reason. Have you heard of the school efforts to recycle cartridges? They have drives where you can turn them in along with cell phones and other items at times for recycling. This not only brings this need to the forefront, but it also helps the kids get things for their schools and sometimes other charities.

So you have plenty of reasons why you should be recycling ink cartridges. But did you know that as low as 20 percent of ink cartridges actually get recycled? The highest estimate is near 40 percent, and that is still not good enough. So, obviously everyone has some work to do right?

The incentive to recycle cell phones has been given the added benefit of money back. You get money back too if you recycle your ink cartridges but just in a different way. You get it by saving money by refilling ink, or you can help out other people and give them money for a certain purpose by giving them your old ink cartridges.

There really is no reason why someone shouldn’t participate in this plan to start recycling more ink cartridges. Yes, it’s hard to think of everything. Yes, it’s easier to throw away and buy new. But, those are the only two cons, and they don’t even amount to close to what the pros amount to when it comes to recycling ink cartridges.

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