Reasons to have a back-up generator

As a business, if you’ve ever considered a back up generator, then here are some compelling reasons why it makes good business sense:

Maintain Customer Contact – Even though other businesses in your area may not be able to open because they don’t have generators, you will be able to maintain contact with customers throughout the power cut. It’s imperative to keep your business contactable during a power outage – it’s invaluable for your customers.

Lighting & Security – A transfer switch is included in the standby generator, so that as soon as your business experiences a loss of power, the switch recognises the loss and is asked to supply. After the generator has started, your business can continue to run all systems which helps to keep your business safe.

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Electronic Data – Computers are vulnerable to power outages. If there is a big storm, the data stored on the hard drive that you, your employees and your business count on can be lost.

Earnings – Losing power can force your business to remain closed, meaning you can lose thousands for every day that you don’t open. Generators are reliable backup resources that allow your business to stay open and allow your customers to stay connected.

Connections – Make sure your business is connected and stays operational, even during a power cut. You and your staff should still be able to send emails, faxes, make calls and use the internet. Maintaining power allows your staff to avoid the negative effects of downtime.

Reliable – Backup generators are installed permanently in your building, so they are always ready for power interruptions. For short term solutions, consider Generator Rental with

Know What Has Power – Another benefit of standby generators is that you can choose which equipment or parts of the building will receive power. Buildings can be separated into power zones ensuring you receive power where you most need it.

Sensor-Based Activation – When the main power supply goes out, the monitoring system on the standby generator activates the activation switch. After power is restored, the generator will turn off.

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Choose the Size that Suits Your Business – Depending on your size, every business has unique power supply needs and requests. Consider the amount of equipment, computers and buildings that you will need in the event of a power outage and make sure your standby generator is sufficient.

Power is reliable, most of the time. However, most of the time is not the same as all the time. It’s vital, especially in cities, to have a way of running power when there is a blackout. Expect the unexpected, prepare for the unknown, and be prepared for it always, with a generator.

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