Predictions for 2017 web design trends

As the digital revolution progresses, advances in technology ensure that web design is constantly evolving. With this in mind, here are our predictions for the newest web design trends you can expect to see over the coming months.

Predictions for 2017 web design trends

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Virtual reality

It may still be in its infancy, but according to Forbes, virtual reality, or VR, is going to be the next big thing. With Peugeot, Microsoft and Playstation already embracing this new technology, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the world follows suit.

Large fonts

Eye-catching fonts make a website’s message really stand out. Combined with minimalistic design, your website’s typography can make your calls to action irresistible to prospective customers. We saw minimalism creeping into web design last year, and this year we can expect to see more websites incorporating a sleeker and smarter design format, geared towards simplicity of use.

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Unless you happen to have graphic design knowledge this might not mean a lot to you, but rest assured that graduated colour schemes can pack a real punch when it comes to getting your message across. If you don’t have the technical know-how yourself, there’s no need to panic – you can source great web design in Tunbridge Wells or Tewkesbury, with companies such as, offering practical and affordable solutions for your business.

Unique photography

Stock photography has ruled the roost until recently when a desire for more unique images has become the hot new thing. Pictures and images can convey a powerful message, and web designers are falling over themselves to ensure that the images they use can’t be seen elsewhere. Digital photography is advancing as quickly as web design, making unique and relevant imagery accessible to even the smallest of businesses.


Used sensitively, animations can help to make your website more entertaining and interactive for users, which allows them to engage more fully with your brand. The focus these days is very much on providing a great user experience, and carefully crafted animations can help to get your message across.


Rather than an overwhelming rainbow of colours, the new design statement is for eye-catching colour to add impact to your message. A good web designer will know exactly how and when to use a pop of colour to draw the viewer’s eye and provide focus to your sales campaign.

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