Practical, hardwearing, versatile, the perfect garment to pack, wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing

If there was just one item of clothing that you should always pack in your suitcase, that is practical, hardwearing, and versatile to suit any outfit, wherever you’re going and whatever you’re doing, it has to be an authentic womens aran sweater.  Obtained from a traditional Irish supplier of quality garments such as  Washable, easy to wear, comfortable and fashionable an Aran Sweater makes the perfect choice for any outfit, whether it’s to be worn with a pair of casual jeans or simply as a gorgeous, sexy dress, these garments really do make a statement when worn with confidence, just like Marylin Monroe

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There are a multitude of colours and designs to choose from these days, not just the traditional and natural cream colour that was used to make the warm and waterproof jumpers for the Fishermen and Farmers who lived on the Islands.  Shorn from the local sheep living wild on the Aran Islands and knitted by hand by the wives and mothers of these hard-working labourers of the land.

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Going walking, fishing, riding a bike, sailing in a yacht or going out to eat at a swanky restaurant, an Aran Sweater is the perfect garment of choice.  How about a holiday to the Aran Islands themselves and a pint or two of traditional Guinness enjoyed with the hospitable and friendly locals.

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