NI employers’ £ for lb waistline challenge: a healthier future is in sight

Over 1,000 employees throughout 30 different companies in Northern Ireland are set to take part in this year’s £ for lb challenge, which is hosted by Business in the Community.

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Tackling obesity

The 12-week campaign, which has been endorsed by the Public Health Agency and Westfield Health, is all about promoting weight loss effectively and encouraging participants to lead a healthier lifestyle. With the Belfast Telegraph reporting that six in 10 adults and one-quarter of children are overweight in Northern Ireland, this incentive is clearly much needed.

Social benefits

Along with the numerous health benefits associated with losing weight, such as improving heart health and mobility and reducing the risk of diseases such as diabetes, the scheme has a number of societal benefits for Northern Ireland, such as reducing the reported £1m per day that is being taken out of the economy to treat obesity-related disease. In addition, of course, the charitable donations for each lb lost mean that well-deserving charities will benefit.

Workplace incentives

As a work-based scheme, this is something that will create a real buzz in the office as weight loss targets are reached, workplace camaraderie is deepened and employees become healthier, happier and consequently more focused. With the Guardian reporting on just how important workplace health initiatives are in combating employee stress levels and consequent sick leave, taking part in this scheme could well see increased productivity and morale within your team.

Last year’s results

This year 30 companies in Northern Ireland are due to take part and if last year’s results are anything to go by, it should be a rip-roaring, flab-busting success. With over 800 employees taking part last time, a staggering 6,645lb were lost! This means £6,645 was donated to charity and 1,390 inches were lost from the waistlines of the participants. For anyone in doubt about what a huge triumph this was, picture the magnificent Albert Memorial Clock, which is slightly shorter than the inches lost.

Whether you are a recruitment agent in Belfast such as or a hairdresser in Omagh, consider signing up and finding out what benefits your business will reap in return.

Don’t delay, get fat fighting today and see how great you feel afterwards.

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