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Most of us love a bit of an adrenaline rush and that can often be achieved by speed. Going fast, whether it’s in a car, a plane, a boat or a rollercoaster seems to be something us humans can’t get enough of. Whether it is watching cars speed around a track or perhaps truck racing, knowing that the Iveco Daily Gearbox that you can find from  will be working hard. Have you ever wondered how can you make your car faster? There are some fairly straightforward methods to increasing the speed of your vehicle but a word of warning, it’s not advisable to regularly break the speed limit on public roads, for your safety and that of others.

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The simplest thing you can do is to look after your car with regular maintenance and servicing. It might not make you go faster but it will prevent a loss of performance over time and will keep your car performing as it was intended to. Change fluids and filters and take your car to a respected tuner once a year who will check things like fuel and boost pressures and ignition timing. Even if you think everything is running fine, you’d be surprised to learn that an adjustment to the ignition timing can add 30 bhp just like that.

The next suggestion is a bit of a pricey one but what better way could there be for going faster than having an engine transplant? Whip out that old, knackered one and replace with something bigger, sexier and more powerful. Along with the engine, you will need the wiring loom and ECU and the gearbox and maybe some other parts so it’s not the easiest mod you can do but it will totally change your car and you’ll be behaving like an excited school kid!

You could also think about replacing your car battery with a high performance battery like those that are used in motorsports. They are designed to handle the increased use of onboard accessories in today’s vehicles and combine long service life, high reliability and deep cycle capabilities.

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Sorting out your tyres is another no brainer as there’s absolutely no point in having 300 bhp when you get left for dead pulling off, in a cloud of wheelspin! You need to be able to transfer that power to the road surface. There are a huge range available that will provide extra grip for accelerating, cornering and reducing braking distances.

A further option is to strip out your vehicle to lessen the load. The lighter it is, the better the performance is going to be. You can rip out seats, interior trim, sound deadening, spare wheel and even the air conditioning system. You should notice better acceleration and braking after doing this. So you won’t have a luxury ride for a while but you can always save up for replacement fibreglass or carbon fibre bucket seats, perspex windows instead of glass and fibreglass or carbon panels instead of steel.

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