Munich Hosts Digital Signage Summit Europe

As the focus of several presentations at the Europe Signage Summit, which took place in Munich on the 5th and 6th of July 2017, it is clear that the retail sector continues to be an integral part of the signage industry, and particularly so within the digital sector.

Munich Hosts Digital Signage Summit Europe

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The Driving Forces of Retail Globally

During the Signage Summit, the global head of segment retail at Vitra International, Sabine Krieg, examined in detail the top ten driving forces of global retail, which include transparency, engagement, simplicity, cohesion and personalisation.

These key drivers were further emphasised by the head of media at ICA Group, Fredrik Holmvik, who discussed how his organisation has a vision for creating a comprehensive omnichannel experience for its customers and how convenience, personalisation, transparency and simplicity all play a large part in the realisation of that vision.

Munich Hosts Digital Signage Summit Europe2

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An Omnichannel Experience

The concept of an omnichannel is often misinterpreted, but, put simply, it encapsulates the seamless transmission of information across channels with the aim of providing customers with a fully optimised and faultless experience. A prime example of a successful omnichannel experience is Appleā€™s AppleID, which always has an informed awareness of how each customer interacts with their products, allowing the company to consistently improve both its in-store and online communications.

Increasing Retail Customer Engagement

Providing customers with the ability to engage with interactive retail directories, play games and access personalised promotional offers, amongst many other things, is set to become a more comprehensive part of the retail experience across a variety of different sectors.

Digital signage technologies, innovative examples of which can be seen at, are becoming more advanced. The ability for customers to connect to digital screens using their social accounts to access certain benefits also allows marketing teams to gain a deeper understanding of what their customers want from their retail experience.

Signage Technologies Beyond Retail Applications

During another presentation at the summit, Arjen de Jong recounted the benefits of digital technology across branches of Dutch banks. As customers arrive for their appointments, they are greeted with the information of the particular advisor they will be meeting with, while the technology simultaneously relays the names of the customers to members of staff. This therefore ensures that each customer is greeted by name, personalising the experience and guaranteeing their customer journey is simple, transparent and convenient.

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