Modern architecture and the environment.

Once Upon a Time the life of an architect was relatively simple.  The plan for a building was presented and the architect would draw up the ways in which it would be implemented.  It was still important to make a consideration towards the aesthetic look of the building; its  carbon footprint was something that was not considered at all. This was particularly true in the 80s when large office block monsterity’s were erected within the cities of London, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds. As a result we are left with the Legacy of large office block buildings that are not environmentally friendly in any way shape or form.  One of the most worrying factors is the air conditioning system that has been fitted. These are generally considered to be environmentally redundant, looking at our modern techniques.

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One of these is the use of  Brise Soleil, like that provided by These are wooden or metal slats that create a framework around the front of the building.  Rather than relying on a system that draws in hot air and converts it to cold, Brise Soleil creates a natural shade.  The sun’s rays are not able to enter into the building, thus warming it up.

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The advantage of the system is that it takes no electricity or power to continually run it. Brise Soleil  just relies on its ability to deflect the sun’s rays and keep out the worst of the heat.  The natural shadow within the building keeps the temperature cool.

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