Making your equestrian business more profitable

Managing an equestrian business is no easy job. Horses are pricey and come with many overheads, such as buying them, the equipment, building maintenance and vehicles, not to mention vet costs and food. Here are some handy tips to make that tough job just a little easier in terms of profitability:

Speciality services

Keeping your stables small and building expertise in a niche area is a good way to corner your local market and make more money. Perhaps your full-time boarding could include services like hoof care, feed, bedding, parasite control and cleaning. Provide additional services like horse camping or riding trails on the site. If you have the expertise, offer boarding for old or injured horses that require more care.

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You can become more profitable by spreading the word about your business through events. Perhaps consider hosting specialist clinics or shows that have a small fee for entrance. If you also own a farm, consider staging summer events like parties or camps. Exhibit at shows around the country, perhaps selling some horse care products to earn some extra income. Selling horse-related goods in person or online can be an excellent source of additional income and could include food, nutritional products, grooming or tack products.

Online Marketing

Every business should make the most of the opportunities available with online marketing. Having a strong website with relevant and updated information, as well as a blog is essential in today’s world. Social media is also important, so you should at least have a Facebook profile that is updated regularly with photos, event details and links to relevant horse-related information. This will encourage others to share your page, offering some free marketing as others spread the word about your business. Offer tips and ask questions to encourage engagement. Remember to embed your Facebook page on your website to attract more visitors.

Arena renting

Many horse owners have nowhere to ride them during the winter months or in inclement weather. If you have a bright, comfortable and well-maintained indoor arena, owner will pay to make use of your facilities. If you don’t already have one, you need Fabric Covered Buildings for a perfect indoor space. Contact for more information.

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Clinics are attractive to riders who are hoping to compete in shows. Making these as profitable as possible, be sure that the clinician concentrates on skills in riding, tips and methods that will appeal to your customers the most. You can then include an additional fee on top for the use of your facilities.


Often falling into two categories – rates and schooling shows. Whilst they do require a good amount of organisation, they are definitely worth investing in for profitability and for showcasing your facilities to new riders and a wider audience. They are a great way to advertise what you have on offer.


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